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The top three uses of clinical surveillance, according to the Sage Growth Partners survey, are identifying adverse drug events, promoting antimicrobial stewardship initiatives, and creating patient safety alerts. However, more than 70 percent of respondents said clinical surveillance can also help:

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Infection Prevention


M O R E  I N D U S T R Y  I N S I G H T S  T O  K E E P  Y O U  A H E A D .


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Clinical surveillance provides “an extra set of eyes that brings things to our attention that we probably would have otherwise missed.”

Joshua T. Swan, PharmD, MPH, Houston Methodist

Turn data into meaningful intelligence.

Transform your data into meaningful intelligence.

As hospitals incorporate clinical surveillance into more patient care areas, the impact on quality, costs, and the bottom line is growing. More than 90 percent of hospital executive respondents to a recent survey said clinical surveillance improves care quality – and nearly 80 percent said it has an ROI. Download the white paper to learn more.

Infection Prevention Spotlight Findings

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Capital Region Medical Center

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Prevent inpatient infections

Manage readmissions

Improve pharmacy surveillance

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