VigiLanz Vaccinate

Rapidly deploy and manage your hospital’s COVID-19 mass vaccination events, reduce vaccine waste, and automate data collection for CDC and state reporting.


VigiLanz Vaccinate provides end-to-end management of your entire vaccination process – supporting mass vaccination events while managing organizational COVID-19 risk. 

  • Enable healthcare workers to easily register and provide consent
  • Eliminate manual data entry and automate workflows for program administrators
  • Reduce vaccine waste with real-time insights into volume needs based on scheduling and demand
  • Gain real-time visibility into vaccination and immunity rates at the individual, department, hospital, and enterprise-level
  • Automate data collection for CDC and state reporting, including for adverse side effects


VigiLanz Vaccinate securely enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Pre-register vaccine candidates, assess workforce readiness, centralize immunity factors from outside the organization, collect adverse responses and manage consent forms
  • Quickly move healthcare workers through the vaccination process using efficient forms
  • Manage automated reminders to register for secondary doses and to report adverse events
  • Analyze real-time reports related to vaccination rates and declination rates, adverse effects, and vaccinated staff who later contract COVID-19
  • Collate data for easy reporting to the CDC and VAERS
  • Support influenza vaccination efforts

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What is VigiLanz Vaccinate?

VigiLanz Vaccinate is a real-time web-based plug-and-play software providing end-to-end management of your hospital’s entire vaccination process – supporting mass vaccination events while managing organizational COVID-19 risk.


What is mass vaccination?

Mass vaccination is the process of administering many vaccines to many people very quickly. The purpose of mass vaccination is to rapidly deploy vaccine doses because they expire quickly when thawed or because of an urgent facility or community need.


What key challenges do COVID-19 vaccines raise?

These vaccines must be administered very quickly after they are thawed. Some expire within 5 days.  Some hospitals may need to administer vaccines within even shorter timeframes, if they can’t refrigerate their vaccines at the required temperatures. The best way to solve for this is to use a mass vaccination approach, supported by software.


How can VigiLanz Vaccinate help my hospital address these challenges?

  • Registration management. Healthcare workers can complete pre-registration paperwork in advance, online. Hospitals can then identify the number of employees intending to get the vaccination, ensure they have adequate volume, and thaw the right amount of doses.
  • Automated appointment reminders and follow-ups. Automated reminders can be sent to employees regarding the need to make appointments, attend scheduled appointments, and report adverse events. Reminders can also be issued to remind employees to register for the second dose and attend those appointments.
  • Reports and analytics. This information, continually updated and available in the VigiLanz platform, enables hospitals to:
    • Track the number of staff vaccinated vs. still at risk
    • Understand the reason for declination (religious, scheduling/timing, health reasons, concerns with side effects or newness of the vaccine, etc.)
    • Capture and report adverse side effects
    • Report to VAERS (vaccination adverse event reporting system)
    • Track and report those who contract COVID-19 after vaccination

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I don’t currently use VigiLanz but would like more information.

VigiLanz is starting with our existing clients to make sure their needs are met, however we are accepting future-client inquiries in the order that we receive them. To request more information for a future VigiLanz client, email:

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