The VigiLanz Platform

VigiLanz is a clinical surveillance platform that can perform meaningful data analysis across your entire hospital, helping you to make smarter business decisions and optimize care.

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VigiLanz is customizable and user-friendly to create intuitive workflows. As your organization’s needs change, leverage our platform to respond to new challenges, optimize outcomes and improve care.

Powerful integration

VigiLanz works with your current EMR to collect data and perform healthcare analytics.

Robust rules library

The VigiLanz rules library can be used to address multiple challenges. Our clinical team will help you modify and create new rules as your needs and challenges change.

Reports & analytics

Alerts and reports are tailored to your needs and are readily adaptable for new requirements. Reporting tools for multi-hospital systems provide a whole-hospital view.

Unlimited clinical support

Our clinicians have a minimum of 10+ years of acute care experience. You’ll receive unlimited peer-to-peer support that is second to none.


Let our IT team do the heavy lifting. We’ll partner with you to ensure a seamless integration without the headache.

Rapid implementation

VigiLanz is up and running quickly so you can impact patient care sooner.

Unparalleled assistance

With VigiLanz Connect, your team spends 10 to 20 hours maximum on implementation—we cover the rest.

Flexible and scalable

We normalize data and configure it to match your system.

Safe & secure

Our platform is managed with best-in-class procedures and security. Data is encrypted at rest and never purged.


VigiLanz Connect

A Plug-In Solution for Hospital EMRs

Accelerate Clinical Impact with Rapid Integration
VigiLanz Connect plugs into your EMR quickly. Using a standard set of population-based APIs that facilitate seamless, real-time, bi-directional data flow, VigiLanz normalizes data faster—and empowers your clinicians to make an impact sooner.

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Save Time With Rapid Installation

VigiLanz plugs into your EMR quickly for hospital IT-Lite integration.

Cut Costs by Eliminating Custom Development

Traditional integration methods are often customized for each installation, require regular maintenance and cannot be reused. VigiLanz Connect plugs in once to deliver standardized, interchangeable APIs for seamless integration across all data sources.

Enhance Clinical Efficiencies

Bi-directional data flow from VigiLanz back to your EMR saves clinicians from double documenting.

Get a Whole-Hospital View With Robust Data

VigiLanz pulls real-time data and warehouses historical data from your entire patient population, so you can make more informed clinical and operational decisions, and impact outcomes.


Our clinicians have a minimum of 10+ years of acute care experience. Choosing VigiLanz means choosing a platform backed by relationships. Clinical experts are assigned to each hospital, so you can always count on support and guidance from a source you trust. We’ll work with you to optimize data, rules, reports and analytics every step of the way. Tap into:

Help-desk assistance

On-demand webinars and training resources

Clinical project support

“The quality of VigiLanz’s support is top notch. That is where VigiLanz excels. They are extremely consistent in their support.”
– Hospital Director, Sept. 2018 about Antimicrobial Stewardship. Source: KLAS Research

Rapid responses, sophisticated support

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