Safety Surveillance

Empower your hospital to reach the next level of safety event detection, management, and analytics to improve patient safety and reduce risk.


Rapidly identify and analyze enterprise-wide safety events

  • Automated detection and escalation of safety events
  • Comprehensive event analysis tools and dashboards
  • User-friendly and customizable report generation

Minimize time capturing and managing safety events

  • Modern, intuitive user experience to reduce typing and clicks
  • Customizable data entry forms with auto-populated fields
  • Automated event routing and escalation

Promote a culture of safety while reducing adverse events

  • Supports enterprise-wide safety, including patients, visitors and employees
  • Real-time insights to monitor trends and launch improvement initiatives
  • Streamlined communication of safety event analysis and action plans


  • Automated, real-time identification of safety events
  • Enterprise dashboards
  • Reporter feedback
  • Peer review
  • Auto-populated email and letter templates

In-Depth Analysis Tools

  • Root cause analysis
  • Cause mapping
  • Event timelines
  • Solution maps
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • The 5 whys

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