Safety Surveillance

Empower your hospital to reach the next level of safety event detection, management, and analytics to improve patient safety and reduce risk.


From our hospital patient safety dashboard to our robust reporting capabilities, our safety surveillance software offers incredible value:

Rapidly identify and analyze enterprise-wide safety events

  • Automated detection and escalation of safety events
  • Comprehensive event analysis tools and dashboards
  • User-friendly and customizable report generation

Minimize time capturing and managing safety events

  • Modern, intuitive user experience to reduce typing and clicks
  • Customizable data entry forms with auto-populated fields
  • Automated event routing and escalation

Promote a culture of safety while reducing adverse events

  • Supports enterprise-wide safety, including patients, visitors and employees
  • Real-time insights to monitor trends and launch improvement initiatives
  • Streamlined communication of safety event analysis and action plans


Our patient safety reporting system provides the following functions:

  • Automated, real-time identification of safety events
  • Enterprise dashboards
  • Reporter feedback
  • Auto-populated email and letter templates

In-Depth Analysis Tools

  • Root cause analysis
  • Cause mapping
  • Event timelines
  • Solution maps
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • The 5 whys

The VigiLanz Difference

In a clinical setting, we know that every second counts. Our innovative patient safety monitoring system can convert your hospital’s health data into meaningful intelligence and actionable alerts in real time – helping your teams to detect and respond sooner when safety issues arise.

VigiLanz also makes reporting, managing, and analyzing safety events quick and easy. Our patient safety event reporting tool features auto-populating form fields to save time, and allows reporters to track the status of their submitted events throughout the investigation process. Events are auto-assigned to investigators, and executive-level dashboards give leadership insight into the state of patient safety across the entire organization.

With our patient safety software, you’ll gain also access to our unmatched peer-to-peer support and service. Our clinical experts will partner with you to customize and optimize your data, rules, reports, and analytics every step of the way.

Less time spent manually tracking safety events means more time to focus on strategies that can drive real safety improvements and elevate the quality of patient care at your hospital. We’d love to show you more.

To learn more about how our patient safety software can transform your hospital, give us a call today at 855.525.9078, send us a message through our contact form, or schedule a demo.

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