Empower researchers to accurately identify more eligible candidates for clinical trial enrollment in near real time.

Introducing our revolutionary patient identification solution

How It Works

By integrating with live data in your hospital’s EHR, VigiLanz leverages intelligent rule sets to review all patients against your study protocol and provide automatic, accurate, and timely identification of eligible candidates for your clinical trials. Customize your search criteria to meet your clinical trial enrollment targets faster, all backed by the support of our clinical experts.

Identify patients 24/7 with study-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria

Receive real-time notifications when eligible candidates are identified

Easily track and modify eligibility status in your customizable worklist

Generate reports to gain insights on patients screened for eligibility


Speed up the recruitment phase of clinical trials

  • Decrease reliance on manual and time-consuming pre-screening methods
  • Identify patients 24/7, not only during work hours
  • Automate complex sets of inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Reduce time to enrollment


Increase the impact of your research team

  • Spend less time reviewing ineligible patients
  • Focus on screening, enrolling, and caring for more qualified candidates
  • Grow your capacity to participate in additional clinical research studies
  • Ensure no eligible candidates are missed


Improve the likelihood of clinical trial success

  • Efficiently manage multiple recruitment workflows in one intuitive worklist
  • Meet time-sensitive enrollment windows
  • Significantly reduce recruitment costs for clinical trial sponsors
  • Connect life-changing treatments to people who need them faster

The VigiLanz Difference

When it comes to efficient patient recruitment for clinical trials, many hospitals still rely on keyword searches, manual reviews, outdated reports, and other time-consuming, tedious, and expensive methods to find the right candidates.

VigiLanz Research is a first-of-its-kind automated patient identification solution that quickly and accurately identifies more eligible candidates for clinical studies in near real time. By integrating directly with your EHR, VigiLanz leverages intelligent rule sets of study-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria to notify researchers anytime a match is located within your hospital network — helping to ensure that every eligible patient who walks in your door is identified.

By empowering researchers to screen more qualified candidates, VigiLanz speeds up the clinical study process. For hospitals, this increases the likelihood for clinical trial success, and for sponsors, this potentially saves millions of dollars and helps get products to market faster.

Most importantly, VigiLanz connects real people with opportunities for life-changing treatments that could help them live longer, healthier lives.

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