Patient Relations

Streamline management of patient and visitor feedback, identifying opportunities to improve patient satisfaction and service recovery.


Our patient management system can help transform patient satisfaction at your hospital:

Minimize time managing patient feedback

  • Quickly create and configure data entry forms
  • Receive automated and customized email notifications
  • Expedite responses with letter automation that incorporates patient information

Streamline reporting and investigation processes

  • Rapidly create and configure reports, charts, and enterprise dashboards
  • Ensure proper escalation through automated, pre-defined criteria
  • Leverage EMR data to gain a holistic view of patient feedback across the enterprise

Improve patient satisfaction and service recovery

  • Inform stakeholders in real-time of evolving situations
  • Use integrated data from VigiLanz Dynamic Safety Surveillance to identify potential complaints sooner
  • Use insights to launch patient satisfaction improvement initiatives


Our innovative patient case management software provides the following functions:

  • Configurable forms, reports and notifications
  • Automated email notifications and report delivery
  • Anonymous or named concern entry forms
  • Rapid escalation and complaint routing tools
  • Seamless integration with other VigiLanz products and your hospital’s core data feeds

The VigiLanz Difference

In a clinical setting, we know that every second counts. Our innovative hospital patient management system can convert your hospital’s patient feedback data into meaningful intelligence and actionable alerts in real time – helping your teams to respond sooner and more effectively when potential complaints arise.

With VigiLanz, managing and analyzing patient feedback has never been easier. Our streamlined workflows capture and organize your information, making it easy for your teams to run customizable reports, communicate and escalate concerns with leadership, and analyze enterprise-wide patient relations data in a single solution.

With our patient case management software, you’ll also gain access to our unmatched peer-to-peer support and service. Our clinical experts will partner with you to customize and optimize your data, rules, reports, and analytics every step of the way.

Less time spent manually managing patient feedback data means more time to focus on strategies that can drive real improvements and elevate patient satisfaction at your hospital. We’d love to show you more.

To learn more about how our patient management system can transform your hospital, give us a call today at 855.525.9078, send us a message through our contact form, or schedule a demo.

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