Patient Relations

Streamline management of patient and visitor feedback, identifying opportunities to improve patient satisfaction and service recovery.


Minimize time managing patient feedback

  • Quickly create and configure data entry forms
  • Receive automated and customized email notifications
  • Expedite responses with letter automation that incorporates patient information

Streamline reporting and investigation processes

  • Rapidly create and configure reports, charts, and enterprise dashboards
  • Ensure proper escalation through automated, pre-defined criteria
  • Leverage EMR data to gain a holistic view of patient feedback across the enterprise

Improve patient satisfaction and service recovery

  • Inform stakeholders in real-time of evolving situations
  • Use integrated data from VigiLanz Dynamic Safety Surveillance to identify potential complaints sooner
  • Use insights to launch patient satisfaction improvement initiatives


  • Configurable forms, reports and notifications
  • Automated email notifications and report delivery
  • Anonymous or named concern entry forms
  • Rapid escalation and complaint routing tools
  • Seamless integration with other VigiLanz products and your hospital’s core data feeds

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