COVID Quick Start

Prepare for, prevent, and respond to the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory viral illnesses with a low-barrier entry to VigiLanz’s award-winning platform


  • Enhanced patient safety
    Prepare for, prevent, and respond more quickly to COVID-19 and other respiratory viral respiratory illnesses with customizable rules, reports, and real-time alerts

  • Improved efficiency and reduced burnout
    Auto-populated state reporting and NHSN forms; alerts built with exception-based rules to reduce alert fatigue
  • Unparalleled clinical support
    The VigiLanz team of CIC Infection Preventionists builds and manages your COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illness rules and reports for you at no additional charge
  • Rapid deployment; easy integration 

    API integration, powered by Datica, reduces the burden on your IT team and facilitates seamless, real-time, bi-directional data flow


  • Real-time alerts to identify positive, negative, symptomatic and high-risk patients
  • Real-time identification of localized outbreaks
  • Comprehensive outbreak and exposure investigation tools
  • Contact tracing
  • Disease cluster tracking tools to investigate COVID-19 related incidents and hospital acquisition
  • Alerts and reports to track evidence of immunity
  • Tools to support auditing and compliance monitoring of infection prevention standards
  • Auto-population of state reportable forms
  • Auto-population of data for NHSN COVID-19 capacity reporting
  • Comprehensive library of COVID-19 reports

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