As you care for patients affected by the COVID-19
pandemic, VigiLanz is here to support you.

A Message from Our CEO

To our hospital partners and healthcare providers,

Thank you for the long hours you are working, the risks you are taking, and the sacrifices you are making to care for patients with COVID-19. VigiLanz is here to support you in any way that we can.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve shared some of your top challenges with us. We’ve also gathered insights from our internal clinical team. Based on these discussions, we’re enabling new COVID-19 related rules, reports, and alerts almost daily and supporting custom requests based on the unique needs of each hospital.

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VigiLanz COVID-19 Rules & Solutions

We know that clinical surveillance can play a significant role in helping you care for COVID-19 patients.

For more information on how VigiLanz can help your hospital today, check out the below resource:

Rules & Solutions


  • Clinical Surveillance for COVID-19 and Beyond
    Available on-demand
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The below webinars are only accessible to existing VigiLanz customers.

  • IP Module: AdHoc Report – COVID-19 Testing Results Overview
    Available on-demand
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  • Pharmacy Module: COVID-19 Rules and Report
    Available on-demand
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  • Pharmacy Module: Managing Drug Shortages
    Available on-demand
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Helpful Resources

FDA updates on COVID-19

CDC homepage for COVID-19

CDC infection prevention measures

Sanford Guide updates on COVID-19

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