Prevent, detect, and resolve illegal or unethical conduct and promote a culture of ethical practice and corporate compliance.


Minimize time managing compliance issues

  • Easily organize and manage concerns and violations
  • Quickly create and customize data entry forms
  • Ensure proper escalation through automated, pre-defined criteria
  • Receive automated and customized email notifications

Streamline reporting and investigation processes

  • Rapidly create and customize reports for your organization
  • Easily attach evidence and policy data or media
  • Quickly provide necessary information to regulators/federal investigators

Encourage a culture of ethical practice and reduce risks

  • Enable all employees to feel protected with anonymous concern reporting
  • Access additional data and intelligence through integration with all enabled VigiLanz solutions
  • Develop effective interventions and improvements based on compliance trends


  • Customizable forms, reports, and notifications
  • Automated email notifications and report delivery
  • Anonymous or named concern entry forms for employees
  • Rapid escalation tools
  • Automated creation of formal letters to support documentation

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