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Reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and streamline workflow through focused applications that can help improve quality improvement, research support, and safety.


Our event-based rules engine allows for tracking of specific disease states and delivers these results through customized workflow, reporting, analytics, and clinical support.


When it comes to incident reporting in healthcare, VigiLanz is the solution you need. Our healthcare incident reporting software includes many valuable functions to enhance your hospital’s clinical services, including:

The VigiLanz Difference

VigiLanz is a clinical surveillance platform that can perform meaningful, real-time data analysis across your entire hospital, helping you to make smarter business decisions while optimizing care. With our robust rules library, powerful reports and analytics, and unlimited clinical support, our clinical services can help your hospital respond to new challenges, prevent medical errors, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall care. If you’re looking for quality incident reporting system in hospitals, we’ve got what you need.

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