Streamline your entire audit workflow, strengthen quality oversight, and achieve sustainable patient care improvements.


Maximize audit workflow efficiency

  • Select from ready-to-use or fully customized audit forms
  • Automatically receive cases that meet audit criteria
  • Improve accuracy and automate data collection

Gain real-time, enterprise-wide visibility

  • Rapidly identify improvement opportunities
  • Easily view audit status, performance, and compliance
  • Improve collaboration across teams

Achieve continuous, sustainable improvements

  • Find emerging risks and enhance decision-making
  • Quickly evaluate improvement initiatives
  • Scale improvement initiatives across departments


  • Comprehensive library of ready-to-use audit forms
  • Configurable custom audits
  • One-click population query to inform optimal sample size
  • Fully randomized case selection when required
  • Auto-populated and intelligent audit forms
  • Real-time display of percent complete and performance scores
  • Powerful analytics combined with intuitive and flexible report design tools

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