How VigiLanz Supports Hospital Pharmacy Surveillance Challenges

Medication errors are a top safety concern in hospitals. However, hospital pharmacy surveillance is underutilized. While 81% of hospital leaders say clinical surveillance helps identify medication errors, only a little over a quarter currently use it. That’s why at VigiLanz, we’re proud to offer our 5-time Best in KLAS hospital pharmacy software to help staff anticipate, prevent, and respond to adverse drug events and enhance patient safety.

Here are a couple of ways hospitals have leveraged VigiLanz’ suite of patient safety solutions to improve pharmacy surveillance:

Freeman Health System

Freeman Health System, which is located in Missouri and serves over 450,000 people, sought to make medication reconciliation processes less cumbersome and time consuming for its nursing staff. After implementing VigiLanz’s pharmacy workflow solutions, Freeman estimates it has not only prevented nearly 30 potential major adverse drug events and 11,000 minor adverse events over the course of a year but also saved $700,000 in monthly costs.

Northern Arizona Healthcare

Northern Arizona Healthcare, which serves over 700,000 people including the Navajo Nation community, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to setting up real-time alerts to help with infection prevention efforts, Northern Arizona also set up alerts for medication optimization, prevention of adverse drug events, and mitigation of drug shortages to ensure patients were getting the care they need.

Below are some additional resources on hospital pharmacy surveillance and how VigiLanz solutions successfully streamline workflows, cut costs, and improve care.

How One Hospital Successfully Transitioned to a New Patient Safety Reporting System

Learn how Community Health Network, a multi-hospital system serving Central Indiana, underwent a successful transition in patient safety event reporting software in the midst of the pandemic.

Presented in May 2022 by VigiLanz and M. Danielle Dillon, MHL, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, Network Blood Management Director at CHN.

Key webinar learning points:

  • The criteria used to evaluate vendors based on identified problems
  • Lessons and tips for successful implementation, training, and launch processes
  • How the new reporting system positively impacted many areas of the hospital


Risk Management Software for Healthcare

Risk management is an important part of every hospital’s safety strategy. Risk and claims solutions, which manage the entire lifecycle of claims and litigation events, can decrease enterprise legal claims, reduce damages paid, and streamline workflows. At VigiLanz, risk management plays hand-in-hand with the other solutions in our Dynamic Safety Surveillance platform to support safety event reporting, including VigiLanz Compliance and VigiLanz Patient Relations.

Benefits of a strong safety event reporting system

An effective incident reporting system in hospitals can decrease a hospital’s risks with the following abilities:

  • Rapidly identifies and analyzes enterprise-wide safety events
  • Minimizes time capturing and managing safety events
  • Promotes a culture of safety while reducing adverse events

VigiLanz accomplishes these through automated, real-time identification of safety events, enterprise-level dashboards, reporter feedback, and auto-populated email and letter templates.

One customer’s experience

Community Health Network (CHN), a large health system in Indiana, decided to utilize VigiLanz for their efficient and intuitive event reporting workflows and analytics tools. CHN formed a team of risk management, patient experience, claims, peer review, and IT leadership that worked closely with VigiLanz to set up the most effective process to benefit the entire enterprise. The CHN risk management department now uses the system to coordinate appropriate involvement of expert individuals to identify, assess, track, and trend issues impacting caregiver and patient safety.

Want to learn more about risk management software for healthcare? Check out the VigiLanz Risk and Claims solution, or contact us today to learn more!

Why Hospitals Are Utilizing Infection Prevention Technologies

A recent survey of hospital leaders showed that reducing hospital-acquired infections and conditions is now a top improvement priority, so it’s no surprise that hospitals are turning to infection control surveillance solutions – which enable hospital staff to respond to infections in real time, optimize prevention strategies, and drive performance improvement. Here is why infection control solutions should be on your radar:

1. Hospital-acquired infections and conditions are the top safety problem. Hospitals leaders reported a 56% increase in hospital-acquired infections over the last 12 months. In addition, almost one-third are only somewhat or not at all confident that their hospital could respond to an infectious disease outbreak immediately.

2. Infection control solutions can help organizations respond more quickly to outbreaks, improving patient outcomes. Hospital leaders who have solutions that send real-time viral infection or disease outbreak alerts to appropriate staff are 15% more likely to be very or extremely confident that their organizations can respond quickly to an outbreak.

3. Hospitals that have already adopted these solutions see improved efficiencies. Capital Region Medical Center, which implemented VigiLanz’ infection prevention solution in 2017, found that the solution has saved their infection prevention and pharmacy teams time spent on manual data extraction and data submission.

How can your hospital enhance infection prevention strategies? Learn more about our clinical decision support system software and how VigiLanz can help today!

Tools Your Hospital Can Leverage

Clinical decision support system software are essential solutions hospitals can use to provide staff and providers the information they need to ensure the most appropriate care for their patients. The information available from these solutions must be easy to decipher, timely, and impactful.

VigiLanz, a provider of clinical surveillance, safety, quality, and risk solutions, is focused on providing hospitals with the right clinical decision making tools they need to identify real-time clinical issues that avoid or minimize harm, optimize clinical outcomes, and support preventive care.

Here are a few of our clinical decision support software solutions and how they can help inform decision making for your patients.

Pharmacy Surveillance: Anticipate, prevent, and respond to adverse drug events—all while promoting patient safety and focusing on patient care.

Infection Prevention: Adapt to changes and outbreaks — and focus on prevention. We’ve consistently been named a market leader in infection control solutions.

Antimicrobial Stewardship: Monitor antimicrobial therapy and improve patient outcomes by ensuring safe and appropriate antimicrobial use.

Safety Surveillance: Empower your hospital to reach the next level of safety event detection, management, and analytics to improve patient safety and reduce risk.

Additional benefits provided through our software include:

  • Reducing the possibility of medication errors
  • Providing consistent and reliable information to medical teams
  • Enhancing the quality of healthcare provided
  • Improving the efficiency of healthcare workers

All of these solutions are helpful for hospitals who want to optimize their pharmacy, infection prevention, and antimicrobial stewardship initiatives. With improving patient safety being a top priority for hospitals this year, software that promotes a culture of safety will become increasingly important.

Want to learn more about the importance of clinical decision support system software and how VigiLanz can help? Check out these additional resources: