VigiLanz Achieves Top Rating for Overall Satisfaction in KLAS AMS Performance Report

MINNEAPOLIS – (Aug. 31, 2017) – VigiLanz, a digital healthcare intelligence firm, announced today that its antimicrobial stewardship platform achieved the top overall satisfaction rating in the “Antimicrobial Stewardship 2017” performance report from KLAS Research. In identifying VigiLanz as the market leader, KLAS cited the platform’s highly robust, fairly user-friendly platform, the strength of the firm’s partnerships with customers, and its dedication to providing the guidance necessary to ensure customizations meet end users’ needs.

“The key is real-time alerting, and Antimicrobial Stewardship has it. The system is able to alert clinicians to certain conditions, even when the physicians are at home having dinner. It is nice to get alerts when we aren’t in front of the EMR,” according to one VigiLanz customer.

To compile its report, KLAS conducted in-depth interviews with current customers of each participating vendor to better understand which antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) tools are helping to drive meaningful interventions and track internal metrics. Interviews also focused on how well users can customize rule sets and use antibiograms to meet organizations’ unique goals, as well as which vendors help customers optimize tools and prepare for future reporting requirements.

Writes KLAS, “Providers new to AMS programs highly value guidance and expertise from their vendors, and VigiLanz’s proactive support has driven their top overall satisfaction rating. Provider interest in VigiLanz has grown over the last few years, and customers receive strong guidance and expertise that ensures their success.”

VigiLanz, which had the highest number of customers interviewed by KLAS, excelled in a large number of the evaluation categories. Under performance indicators, 100% of users said they would buy the platform again and that VigiLanz kept all promises. The platform also exceeded the market average for functionality of its custom rules set and customizable antibiogram. It was also singled out for being farthest along the compliance reporting spectrum, delivering on the three basic fronts of making AMS data accessible within the system for reporting, communicating with customers about forthcoming regulations and actions underway to help them prepare, and automating reporting. Specifically, customers have access to reports that can be submitted directly to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

Also noteworthy is that a significant majority of respondents were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the VigiLanz platform’s ability to track key internal metrics and with its optimization services. This is an important distinction because, as KLAS notes, “internal tracking is crucial to a good AMS program because it enables users to see trending and benchmarking data. It can be tricky to do well because data from many different sources must be aggregated, analyzed and made easy to digest. VigiLanz customers have strong customization abilities and highly value VigiLanz’s robust interfaces, which successfully pull in data from many areas.”

“As more healthcare organizations seek to automate the crucial AMS process, it is important to partner with a vendor that can provide a solution that is flexible, robust and backed by outstanding customer support,” said VigiLanz Chairman and CEO Dr. David Goldsteen, MD, MBA. “It is truly gratifying to know that our customers feel that VigiLanz is that solution.”

About KLAS

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