Healthy hospitals run on VigiLanz.

When your hospital’s clinical and business data work together, healthier outcomes are possible. VigiLanz is the clinical surveillance platform that brings your data full circle—delivering meaningful insights that help you and your patients thrive. Take a whole-hospital view with VigiLanz.

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An intelligence platform for your entire hospital.

VigiLanz supports the clinical and business sides of your hospital. We engineered a platform that applies to all areas of care—from risk management to antimicrobial stewardship—because each is critical to optimizing outcomes.

How VigiLanz Works

Your data. Your rules. Your decision.

Only VigiLanz transforms the full potential of system-wide data into actionable alerts that empower earlier intervention for optimal outcomes. Tap into our extensive rules library and get support from our clinical experts—all while writing your own rules whenever you need.

Converts health data

from all sources into uniform, actionable intelligence.

Applies real-time
rules-based surveillance

across proven, expandable
clinical applications.

Generates analytics

and intelligence to identify patterns and predict potential risks.

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