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The VI Platform

Give your EMR the power of dynamic intelligence today

Leading healthcare industry analysts have identified a new platform in health information technology called real-time Enterprise Intelligence Resources (EIR). These platforms complement EMR systems and are built with innovative, interoperable data architectures. VigiLanz Intelligence (VI) is an EIR platform that is nimble and capable of working with disparate data from a wide range of sources. It works with your existing EMR to help you simplify and improve your decision-making throughout the care continuum.

Clinical Intelligence

Enhance patient safety, expedite reporting, optimize quality improvement and increase reimbursement using modern real-time tools and analytics.

Pharmacy Surveillance

Anticipate, identify and prevent Adverse Drug Events with increased efficiency using continuous, automated medication oversight.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Rapidly improve drug utilization and demonstrate savings via targeted functions designed to improve all aspects of antimicrobial usage.

Infection Prevention

Automate surveillance, expedite outbreak investigations, leverage prevention tools, track drug resistance, receive early notification of novel conditions of concern, and expedite mandated reporting.

Quality and Care Management

Advance care management and quality improvement to efficiently manage sepsis, achieve Core Measures, improve reimbursement and cost containment.

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We make it easy for you

Our clinical and technology teams customize the VI Platform to match your needs and keep things current and running smoothly – saving time for you and your I.T. department.

Expert support when you need it

Our specialists build reports and alerts, share ideas and update your platform as part of our client services – so you can focus on delivering quality care.

Rapid implementation

The VI platform is up and running quickly – generally within 90 business days – using our open SaaS platform that interoperates and interfaces with your existing EMR.

The Vigilanz Community

Learning together

Our patented, real-time rules engines and reports are crowd-sourced, giving you access to a common library with thousands of rules that are expanding daily – helping you stay current and avoid potential risks.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians

Benefit from the insights shared across our community of pharmacists, infection preventionists (IPs), infectious disease clinicians, quality managers, other clinicians and healthcare leaders at hundreds of health systems.

We’ll show you how you rate

With our benchmark performance tools, you’ll see how you stack up against your peers. We give you the information you need to move the dial.

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Business Intelligence

Transform real-time and retrospective data into actionable intelligence to improve care immediately, identify risks, predict and evaluate outcomes, and improve efficiency.

Core BI Insights

Harness powerful visual representation of business intelligence data, determine KPIs, drill down to interactive dashboards for enterprise and quality benchmarking, analyze data, and access scorecards and reporting.

Predictive Analytics and Modeling

Leverage predictive models and statistical analysis customized for your organization by our team of data scientists, economists and clinicians focused on common pain point areas like sepsis, readmissions and HAIs.

Advisory Services

Delve deep into clinical issues and explore predictive approaches to maximize your clinical and operational goals using customized analyses prepared by VigiLanz data scientists and healthcare analysts.

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The advanced predictive capabilities of our Temporalytics™ models look at the impact of response times and other factors on clinical outcomes – linking cause and effect to address risk areas like Readmissions, Sepsis, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and Gaps in Care, in addition to providing opportunities for implementing improved care protocols directly into the clinical workflow.

The Vigilanz Community

Benchmark your performance

Compare your results with national benchmark data.

Collaborate with other leaders

Collaborate with other healthcare leaders, share visual insights with your peers and start conversations that promote mutual problem solving.

Integrate workflow improvements

Leverage the learning of our predictive models with your patient population and access our crowd-sourced library of rules to deploy new protocols to improve care in your workflow.

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How we make it easy, fast and secure


Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform delivers rapid implementation with minimal I.T. investment and no special hardware required. VigiLanz fully supports and maintains our solutions, so you’re always using the latest version (with no additional resource requirements or cost to you).

Data normalization

We make it easy for you. We do the work to map and normalize your data. We utilize your existing interfaces, configure the system, and develop rules and reports. And we train your team.

Real-time smart rules

Our real-time, exception-based rules are customized to match your clinical guidelines, helping to minimize “noise” and alert fatigue.


Our flexible architecture interfaces and interoperates with your existing EMR. Our workflows, reporting and data can be flexibly configured to meet your requirements. Our open, scalable system complements and improves healthcare providers’ existing I.T. investments.


Our services are managed with best-in-class procedures, technologies, security and performance. Data is encrypted and our platform is managed in highly secure, high performance, redundant data centers.


Access anytime, anywhere you have internet access (tablet friendly!) using our web-based platform.